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The Power of Merino

At Stray Bear, we take pride in our knitwear, providing customers with premium, sustainably crafted products that enhance their everyday lives. Our passion lies in the remarkable properties of merino wool, a fiber known for its versatility and unmatched performance. We are your expert guide in the world of wool, offering sweaters, beanies, and merino-blend socks that not only elevate your style but also deliver a range of benefits that synthetic materials cannot match.

Unraveling the Magic of Merino Wool

1. A Sustainable and Biodegradable Choice

Stray Bear Sweaters strives to create eco-conscious fashion. Our knitwear is made in the USA using innovative low-waste knitting technology. By adopting a made-on-demand approach, we reduce unnecessary waste and ensure each sweater is crafted with precision, tailored exclusively for you. Furthermore, the bluesign®-certified merino wool used in our sweaters and beanies comes from sustainable sources, aligning with our commitment to preserving the environment. Merino is 100% natural and biodegradable, and it boasts superior durability.

2. Nature's Versatile Insulator

Merino wool possesses remarkable thermoregulatory qualities, making it the perfect choice for all seasons. Thanks to the unique structure of its fibers, it provides natural insulation that keeps you warm in chilly weather while allowing your body to breathe and stay cool during warmer days. Whether you're hiking through the snow-capped mountains or exploring sun-kissed trails, Stray Bear's merino sweaters ensure you stay comfortable, no matter the conditions.

3. Moisture Management and Active Lifestyle

Embrace your active life with confidence in Stray Bear's merino-blend socks. The inherent moisture-wicking properties of merino wool draw sweat away from your skin, keeping your feet dry and blister-free during intense activities. Say goodbye to discomfort and welcome a comfortable, supportive, and odor-resistant experience that synthetic fibers cannot replicate.

Crafted Excellence

1. Milled from Italy, Made in the USA

Our commitment to quality and sustainability is reflected in our supply chain. The merino wool we use is meticulously milled in Italy, renowned for producing some of the world's finest wool fabrics. Each step of the manufacturing process, from milling to dyeing, adheres to strict standards per bluesign® certification standards, ensuring premium quality and vibrant colors. The sweaters are then produced in the USA with advanced seamless knitting technology, resulting in impeccable fit and finish that lasts for years.

2. Timeless Designs for Every Occasion

Stray Bear Sweaters offers a curated collection of timeless designs suitable for various occasions. From colorful to earthy, warm and chunky to thin and breezy, our versatile range complements your wardrobe, effortlessly transitioning from a casual day out to a sophisticated evening gathering. Embrace the charm of merino wool, adding a touch of elegance and comfort to your style.

3. The Cost of Cheap

Choosing inferior fabrics over merino wool can result in several drawbacks. Synthetic materials often lack breathability and moisture-wicking properties, leading to discomfort during physical activities or prolonged wear. Opting for poorly made garments may also result in frequent replacements, ultimately costing more in the long run. Investing in Stray Bear Sweaters' high-quality merino wool products ensures superior performance, lasting durability, and an eco-conscious choice that positively impacts our planet.


Stray Bear Sweaters seeks to offer you the epitome of versatile, sustainable, and stylish knitwear crafted with passion and expertise. Elevate your wardrobe with the finest merino wool, embracing its incredible qualities that cater to your active lifestyle. From the mountains to the city streets, Stray Bear Sweaters ensures you stay warm, comfortable, and effortlessly stylish, empowering you to make a conscious choice for both yourself and the environment.